Thursday, April 22, 2010

Arduino Data Logger Programmer Demo Video

Here is a short video demonstrating the features of the Data Logger Programmer in action using a temperature only iButton data logger and a 1-wire temperature sensor.


  1. Great work Jeff, you have inspired me today.

  2. Dear Jeff,
    Can you send me the schematics of the project?
    I am very interested.

  3. I have not had time to create a schematic in Eagle CAD yet. The iButtons are on a 1-wire bus using 4.7 kOhm pull up resistor. Let me know if you have a specific question in the interim.


    1. Hi
      can i use it to copy and write using DS1991L+F5 ibutton

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  5. A very nice device. I wonder did you make the enclosure for the electronics? If so can you give me some ideas of how to start? I have made many electronic projects but I end up using box enclosures or rip off housings cases from toys and other junk. It will be nice if I can make a customized housing like you do.

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