Monday, February 15, 2010

Arduino Pro Mini 1-Wire Datalogger Programmer Prototype 3D Model

After a long hiatus, I decided it was time to get the 1-Wire iButton Temperature / Humidity data logger programmer off the breadboard and into a usable device! SparkFun's Arduino Pro Mini (now with Atmega 328) is small and powerful enough to move the project to their plastic enclosure case. The Sanguino was just too large for the small hand held device I wanted.

Since space was going to be a premium, I was planning to draw out 2D plan and elevation views at first. SparkFun was kind enough to send me a 3D DXF file of their case. I gave 3D modeling a shot by starting with the Arduino Pro Mini in AutoCAD 2008. I was inspired by several Arduino Google 3D sketch models including this one. The results were good enough that I made the remaining components with the exception of the RJ11 jack model, which I found on a Blender site. AutoCAD is good for precision modeling but a challenge for textures and materials. Still looking for a good solution to covert some of the models into a more portable format to share. So far, exporting to DXF or 3DS has not worked very well...

The SparkFun case is rendered for now in gray for better contrast. I have a semi-clear version, but may end up using black. The 3D model will be updated once the circuit layout is finalized. A slider power switch may have to replace the rocker due to 9V battery spacing, but it stays in for now. The DS1994 iButton real time clock with battery is hidden under the LCD display.

On the software side, the button polling was updated with the debounce library to eliminate the hardware debounce IC. When everything is finished, I will clean up the code and post a new version for the Arduino Pro Mini.


  1. Hello Jeff. Nice job!. I just want to know something: Do you use an open source library for Arduino on this?, or are you writing your code from nothing?



  2. The iButtons use the 1-wire protocol, so I didn't have to start completely from scratch. The tricky part was learning to read/write to/from the iButton registers.

  3. Hello, Nice work. Will you publish your 3D files?


  4. Hi.

    I have been looking for a case about this size with button, LCD, switch and MOD/USB connector already pre-drilled.

    I would be willing to buy some from you / split the cost in making them.

    Please e-mail me.


  5. The case is from Sparkfun. They currently offer a transparent or black plastic color. I haven't tried cutting out the holes yet. I expect the LCD and insert (not shown) to be the most challenging.

    As far as the 3D files go, I plan to release at least the Arduino Pro Mini model. I have had only moderate success exporting out DXF into blender so I can get it into a more portable format.

  6. Hi Jeff, I was thinking about the 3D files for the plastic enclosure.

    I was researching some time ago about 3D printing (specially but drop the idea but know that I see your project my interested resumed.

    Since I'm a beginner in the 3D modeling/printing world and I have some arduino projects that I would like to "dress" so I'm looking for some blender project (files) for an enclosure that I can modify and send them to
    I know there are lots of things to learn but my first step was to find a plastic case project that I know can be printed and adapt my PCB to it.

    If you happen to know of a starting point project in blender I would really appriate or I don't know if you are planning to release your case files.


  7. For those interested in SparkFun's plastic enclosure case 3D file, contact their technical support.

  8. Hey Jeff, I love electronics but 3D rendering has been a side-hobby of mine for the past couple of years using Blender. Amazing work! Getting results that good must have taken a lot of patience.

    I'll definitely be looking up this project again the next time I mock up a prototype, if for nothing else a great benchmark to judge my own renderings against!


  9. Brad,

    Thanks for the kind comments. It was a lot of fun drawing up! I will update it once the circuit layout is finalized.


  10. Hi Jeff,

    Sorry to bring up an old post - I have only just discovered it. Top work on the models and renders, they look good. I was just curious if you released the model for the Arduino Mini as I would be very keen to use it for a render I am doing for a project which involves an Arduino Mini. Did you have any luck exporting out the 3D?
    If so, what formats do you have of it?
    I would be incredibly grateful if I could use you model, it would save me a lot of time.


  11. Hello there!
    I have the same question as James, could you please share your arduino mini 3D model?
    pls let me know!
    thank you very much!

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